Always-On Community Launch Service

Launching your Community could be hard and costly. Especially if you've just started. Don’t try it alone.

Turn every event into a community experience. One 30 min call to upgrade your event into an always-on community.

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In our 3 week program we: 

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Our delivery is an always-on community that never stops. Not good? You get your money back!

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Who are we?

A team of experienced event tech people and early adopters of communities back in 2017.

We started our first community over 4 years ago - and they have grown their from 20,000 to 40,000 members, and doubling their paid memberships by using subscriptions rather than tickets.

Since then we helped customers launch their own communities for online & offline events. We work with trade shows, associations and think-tanks to come up with concepts, pricing packages, tech stacks and setting up automated invitation emailing.

We have seen what works and what doesn't. We have experience with integrating CRMs with event community platforms so process are optimized for scale. We know what it takes to launch, manage, scale a community that retains memberships.

Our mission is to help you kick start the basics, launch together and then handover & step out.  After that we are always available for free advice sessions - no hidden/hourly costs!

Don't try it alone, together is more fun!

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The event industry is changing. Are you?

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Tickets are becoming yearly subscriptions

Attendees are becoming active members

Event organizers are becoming community managers